When you sign in to Pleexy, if you’ve added at least one connection, you’ll see your main dashboard.

Let’s take a quick tour!

Cards for existing connections

On the left side of the main dashboard, there’s a card for each of your connected services. Each card displays the connection status, time since the last sync or time until the next sync.

If you see the green check icon, it means everything is working properly:

If there’s a problem and Pleexy can't synchronize, the card will show that there’s a connection error, along with a description of the error, instructions for resolving the error, and the exclamation point icon:

If you’ve paused a service, you’ll see this icon:

And if you’ve deleted a service, you’ll see this icon until Pleexy removes the service from your dashboard:

Each card also includes a link to the Details dashboard for the connected service.

The Details dashboard looks just like the main dashboard but displays information about the particular connection you selected. Here, you can see the connection history and the number of tasks created, updated, and deleted for the current month. You also have the option to edit, pause, or delete the connection.

List of services

On the main dashboard, if you click "Create a connection," you'll be taken to the list of services supported by Pleexy.

Choose which service you'd like to connect to Todoist or Microsoft To Do and click Connect.

User profile and sign-out

Finally, in the upper-right corner of the main dashboard, there’s a hamburger menu that'll let you sign out or edit your account info. Click the menu and select Edit account to go to your user profile or subscription page.

That's the main dashboard!

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