After you set up a connection and Pleexy starts synchronization, you can check the status of all your connected services at a glance on the Pleexy dashboard.

Each connected service has its own card on the dashboard:

Each card contains the connection status, time of the last sync, time of the next sync, and the number of changes Pleexy has processed for the connection. If you see this icon, it means everything is OK:

If something goes wrong and Pleexy can't synchronize (for example, Pleexy’s access is revoked because you changed your Evernote password), the card will show that there’s a connection error. The card will also display a description of the error, instructions for resolving the error, and this icon:

You’ll also receive an email from Pleexy so you can quickly address the issue and continue synchronization.

Click Details to see more information for the service:

  • Current Source, Destination, Task, and Action settings

  • A history of Pleexy’s changes to your tasks in the source service and the task manager

You have a couple other options on the Details page. Click Manage connection to pause or delete the service. And if you want to change your settings, click Edit settings.

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