In light of recent changes in Gmail’s policies for third-party apps, we had to suspend support for our Gmail connector until further notice. Don’t worry, while we continue to find a workaround, you can use as proxy to let Pleexy access your Gmail account. 

In order to achieve that, you need to:

  • Create a free account

  • Connect your Gmail account to your account

  • Add a Pleexy connection with your account

Create an Outlook account

First, sign up for an account in — it’s free!

Add your Gmail account to Outlook

One great thing about Outlook is you can add multiple email accounts from various email providers and manage all of them in one place.

Adding a Gmail account to Outlook is easy.

First, go to and navigate to Settings. Click View all Outlook settings

Second, click Sync Email. Under Connected accounts, select Gmail

Third, enter the display name for your Gmail account. This is the name recipients will see in the email messages coming from you. Choose your options for how you want Outlook to import and organize your emails from Gmail. Click OK.

Lastly, select the Gmail account you want to connect with Outlook. Click Allow in the permissions window that appears.

Note: If you've turned on two-step verification for your selected Gmail account, you'll need to create an app password for that account. Go to the Gmail account security page to create the app password, and then return to to enter that password on the “Connect your Google account” page.

Integrate Outlook with your to-do list

Now that you can access your Gmail emails from, you can stay productive by integrating Gmail through Outlook with Todoist, Wunderlist or Microsoft ToDo. Pleexy will save you time by bringing your flagged items in Outlook to your to-do list and keeping your tasks up-to-date in both places.

Please note that when you Star email in Gmail it will appear as Flagged in, which is exactly how Pleexy picks emails from Outlook connection.

For more detailed instructions on how to set up a connection between Outlook and Todoist or Wunderlist, check out the following articles: 

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