You can change your Pleexy account from Wunderlist to Microsoft To Do in 5 simple steps.

1. Sign up for a Microsoft To Do account.

2. Import your Wunderlist data

If you have tasks that were originally created in Wunderlist, you can quickly import your tasks to Microsoft To Do. You can skip this step if your Wunderlist tasks were created by Pleexy.

Go to Settings and select Import.

Sign in to your Wunderlist account and choose the tasks you want to import to Microsoft To Do.

3. Log in to Pleexy with your Microsoft To Do account.

4. Set up your connections.

Set up a connection for each of your chosen source applications to bring your tasks to Microsoft To Do.

5. Transfer your subscription.

If you had a Premium Pleexy subscription for your Wunderlist account, please contact our support through in-app chat and we will transfer your subscription to your new To Do account.

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