There are a couple of different reasons why it helps to create multiple connections for the same source service in Pleexy.

When you have multiple accounts

One common scenario is having more than one account from a source service. In this case, you can set up a separate connection for each of your accounts.

When you want different sync rules for different projects

In Pleexy, you can also create multiple connections for the same account from the same source service. This is useful if you need to have different sync rules for different projects.

For example, you might want to have your “Home Remodeling” board in Trello appear in your “Home” project in Todoist, but create individual Todoist projects for all your other Trello boards. Or, you might also want to sync your due dates for a certain Trello project one-way but keep a bi-directional sync for all other Trello projects. By setting up multiple connections, you can enable different settings for certain projects you have in one Trello account.

How to set up multiple connections for one source service

To create multiple connections in Pleexy:

  1. Go to your Pleexy dashboard

  2. Click "Create a Connection"

  3. Select a source service

  4. Select the account you want to connect

Note: For some services, you need to log out of the account that's currently logged in on your browser so that you can select another one. To do so, open the service in a separate window and log out from there. Then, click "Create a connection" in Pleexy.

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