In your connection’s Destination Settings, you have two options for where to put your tasks in your task manager:

  1. One project

  2. Multiple projects

If you choose to create all your tasks in one project, you can select which project in Todoist or Microsoft To Do will be used for storing all your tasks.

If you choose to create your tasks in multiple projects, you can either:

  1. Place multiple projects under an existing parent project in your task manager

  2. Select (Root) and create individual parent projects in your task manager

Let's say you select an existing Todoist project called “Work.” In this case, all your projects from Asana will be created as subprojects inside the Work project in Todoist.

If you select (Root), Pleexy will create your Asana projects as individual parent projects in Todoist.

For Microsoft To Do integrations, it's currently not possible to create multiple lists inside a list group via the To Do API.

By default, your projects from the source will appear as individual lists in To Do.

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