The task title refers to what the task is named in your destination app. During the Pleexy setup process, you get the option to customize the task title of the tasks that are created in either Todoist or Microsoft To Do.

The first step would be to navigate to your Pleexy dashboard and click on 'see details' to edit your settings.

Pleexy dashboard where you can edit your connection setting

Next, click on Task template at the bottom of the screen which will take you to the section where you can edit the task title.

Pleexy setup process - edit task title

Under Task title, you can customize how Pleexy should name your tasks in Todoist or Microsoft To Do by adding free text and selecting any of the given elements.

You can click on the '+' icon to see which elements are available for the specific integration that you are editing the settings for.

Pleexy setting - task title elements

For Evernote integrations, three elements are available for task names: {notebook}, {note}, and {todo}.

Note: If you chose to sync notes in your Source settings, you can only use {notebook} or {note} in the task title.

As you edit the task title template, Pleexy shows you how the tasks will be created in a live example above the template field.

Pleexy setting - Task title example

You can arrange the available elements however you like, as long as the formatting is correct. Here are some ideas:

  • {todo} from {notebook}: {note}

  • {notebook} - {note}: {todo}

Note: If you manually edit a task title in Todoist or Microsoft To Do, Pleexy won’t change the title in Evernote.

Watch this video for an easy step-by-step explanation about how to customize the task title in your Pleexy settings:

Create a connection and try it out.

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