Integrate Todoist with Gmail




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    Vic K

    Thank you for your feedback, Joan! 

    Would you mind to repost your request in Feature requests section of our Community Portal? Here is the link to the section

    This way we will be able to engage other beta users into the discussion. 

    Thank you!


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    How does this work with Google Inbox?

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    Joan Carbonell

    The current integration of Gmail with Todoist is very powerful and highly reliable. Congrats!

    However, I do not understand why it is mandatory to use the stars to mark tasks eligible to process. It seems a design decision based on a practice that may be very common but not everyone uses. In my case I usually make a selection of emails using and I apply a specific label to the urgent emails that I want to see in my task manager. However, I do not use the stars to mark them, nor does this tool allow me to do so. As the integration is now, once the triage is finished, I have to access that label and mark manually the new emails with the star. Also when a task is completed what I usually do is remove that label. Now when I have processed a task with Pleexy it still has the label but not the star so I manually have to go to that label in gmail and manually archive them one by one. Could not the use of stars be optional and allow that once a task has been completed, remove the label? It does not seem technically new or more complex with respect to what you are already doing. 

    In any case, you are doing a great job!

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