Atlassian recommends using API tokens to allow third-party applications to access your JIRA Cloud account. To do this, you'll create an API token in your Atlassian account and use it as your password credential when you create a new JIRA connection in Pleexy. Read on for step-by-step instructions.

Create API token

Start by creating an API token in your Atlassian account:

  • Enter a meaningful name for the token.

  • Click Create

  • Click copy to clipboard


  • For security reasons, you won't be able to view the API token after closing the creation dialog window. If you forget to copy the token, create a new one.

  • Store the API token securely, just as you would any password.

Connect with API token

After you copy the API token, use it to connect your Jira Cloud account:

  1. Go to and connect your Todoist or Wunderlist.

  2. In the New connection list on the right side of the page, select JIRA.

  3. Enter your JIRA credentials:
    - Enter the URL of your JIRA cloud (for example, in the JIRA hostname or URL to JIRA site field.
    - Enter your email in the JIRA username field.
    - Paste the API token in the JIRA account password field.

  4. Click Connect JIRA.

For Atlassian API token documentation, please see

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