Ready to take the first step in using Pleexy to synchronize your tasks? Here’s how to create your account.

Note: Pleexy supports Microsoft To Do and Todoist as destinations for your tasks. You need a Microsoft To Do or Todoist account to use Pleexy--and you’ll need to have your log-in information handy.

Here's the step-by-step process, followed by a quick animated walkthrough.

  1. Go to

  2. Select your task manager: Microsoft To Do or Todoist.

  3. Enter your Microsoft To Do or Todoist login information and click Sign In (Microsoft To Do) or Log In (Todoist).

  4. Pleexy needs a set of permissions to create, edit, and delete tasks--but don’t worry, we won’t touch any tasks that aren’t created through Pleexy. Click Authorize (Microsoft To Do) or Agree (Todoist) to allow the permissions.

That’s all there is to creating your Pleexy account!

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