When you connect a new service or update the settings for an existing service, you can use Pleexy’s Preview feature to see what changes Pleexy will make based on your selected settings, without saving them.

The Preview feature is on the Edit settings page, just below all the settings options:

Click Preview to a list of changes that Pleexy will make on both sides of the connection--service and task manager--without saving them.

The Preview feature shows only tasks that Pleexy creates and manages. When you connect a new service, the Preview shows what Pleexy will do the next time it syncs. For example, if there are tasks in your source service, Preview will show them as tasks to be created. For existing connections, the Preview shows a hierarchy of tasks and sub-tasks that Pleexy will change, update, or delete based on the settings you selected.

To make more changes, close the Preview window and keep customizing. If you’re happy with your settings changes, click Save changes to let Pleexy start synchronization.

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